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Dr. Nanninga's Approach

When the body experiences stress, it can disrupt the normal function of one or more of these systems. It is a bit like a circuit that “shorts out.”

This shorted circuit presents various symptoms based on which zone has been affected (see below).

A certified zone chiropractor, like Dr. Nanninga, examines the patient to determine which of the brain centers is not in balance.
This is done by feeling specific points on the back of the patient’s head.

These “points” connect to the brain centers of the body. If a brain center is not sending the proper signals, all body functions associated with that system slow down. In order to correct this, the doctor resets the brain center by adjusting certain points
along the spine.

When using the Zone technique, Dr. Nanninga is able to treat a vast majority of all medical conditions that patients present.

There truly is NOT a condition that Dr. Nanninga has not treated.

Learn how each Zone relates to your body and mind:

zone technique

Zone 1 (Glandular System)

Zone 2 (Eliminative System)

Zone 3 (Nervous System)

Zone 4 (Digestive System)

Zone 5 (Muscular System)

Zone 6 (Circulatory System)


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